Enhance Your Local SEO as Brick and Mortar Businesses Reopen

People are gathering, and storefronts are opening at greater capacities. With this in mind, it is an ideal time to evaluate your local SEO strategy and develop a plan for improving your impact in local search. Below are three places where you can focus your efforts.

Create Meaningful, Localized Content for Your Website

One way to help your local SEO is to keep up with relevant content creation. While you may have a content calendar where you’re regularly writing blogs and updating your social postings, how much localized content are you creating? Focus on writing locally-based copy to gear up for an increase in website traffic and in-person visitors. Writing this content goes hand in hand with choosing new target keywords based on your location(s) to include throughout your website. If your business has multiple locations, create a unique landing page for each one, including keywords specific to that location.

Pay Attention to Your Customer Reviews

Many people use reviews as a resource when deciding where to go and whether to use a company or service. Reviews have been especially vital over the past year, alerting consumers to how a business has handled the COVID-19 pandemic—whether the correct safety measures were in place and enforced, the speed of services with any new safety protocols, the quality of an online ordering system, etc. With that in mind, you’ll want to analyze your reviews. They can alert you to a problem you may not recognize quickly from an internal perspective.

Engagement is a large and often overlooked part of review platforms. Make sure to respond to reviews, the good and the bad, and do your best to make it up to customers who provided feedback on a negative experience by offering customer support. Remember, reviews are mutually beneficial, so keeping up with the responsive and interactive aspects of them should be a priority.

Keep Your Google My Business Account Up To Date

During the past year, have you shown up to a business only to find out it was closed, even though their online listing stated otherwise? These days, with things shifting so quickly, it can be difficult to rely on online listings as we used to. You can stand out by regularly managing your Google My Business account and by providing useful information to your customers. There is even a feature that indicates when your information was last updated. This gives searchers peace of mind that everything they’re looking at is correct.

Focusing your efforts on these three things is just the beginning of what you can do when it comes to improving your local SEO strategy. Unsure of where to begin? The experts at Hall can evaluate your website and create a plan for maximizing your reach, conversions, and online presence, relative to your business location. Contact us today to improve your local SEO strategy.

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