How to Get Your Google Plus Custom URL

Google recently announced that they are rolling out custom URLs to all Google Plus pages and profiles. Vanity URLs were previously only available to larger brands. The roll out is still in progress and I’m guessing that many personal profiles will be the last to see it. My own profile is not yet eligible, but those with more followers may become eligible sooner. It appears to have been rolled out to most pages that meet the minimum requirements. Once your Google+ page or profile is eligible to claim a custom URL, it’s quite easy to complete the process.

1. Check to See if Your Google+ Profile or Page is Eligible for a Custom URL

Profiles must meet the following criteria to be eligible to claim a vanity URL:

  • Has a profile photo
  • Has at least 10 followers
  • Has an account that’s at least 30 days old

Pages must either be verified as a local business or be linked to a website.

You’ll know if you’re eligible when you log in. A banner notifying you of your pre-approved URL will appear at the top of the page. Trust me, you can’t miss it, but if you’re (ahem) obsessive like me and want to be sure, you can double check the About tab on your page or profile.

2. Review Your Custom URL Options. Remember It’s Forever (For Now).

  Confirming a custom URL for your Google Plus Page

Click Get URL – you may be offered more than one choice for your URL. I have recently claimed URLs for two pages and have not been given a choice in either instance, but you may be asked. Profiles are different from pages – you have the option to submit an alternate request if you do not like what Google offers.

Whether you are given these options or not, make sure you choose wisely. As it stands right now, Google does not let you change your custom URL once it has been claimed. Of course, Google loves to change things, so that could change too.

3. Claim and Confirm

Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll need to agree to the Terms of Use. Click the Change URL button. You will be reminded that you can’t change the URL once it’s been claimed. Click Confirm choice, That’s it. You can now reference and share that fancy new Google Plus vanity URL instead of a clunky long string of characters.

It was nice to see this offering finally available to more users. We’ve come accustomed to having these custom URLs available for both business and personal social accounts on all networks. It seemed odd not to have the option on Google Plus. Google does state in the Terms of Use that custom URLs are free for now, but that they may start charging a fee for them. We’ll see about that. I can’t imagine that a custom URL on a social network that has seen slow adoption is quite that desirable, but anything is possible.

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