How to Create Strong Imagery on Your Website

As a web designer, you must take complex stories and display them quickly and visually to a user clearly and concisely. As users, we connect with visual elements and make decisions to trust and engage in less than a second. With this in mind, it is extremely important to make sure that the imagery you use conveys the right message. If an image conveys the wrong message, this can leave users confused and lead to a negative impact on your site’s conversions and weaken your brand. Below are some tips and guidelines for imagery on your site.

1. Consistency

Use colors, fonts, typography, and imagery styling that is consistent throughout your site and your company’s branding, both online or offline. Consistency creates trust and positively enhances your brand.

2. Choose a Style and Stick With It

Images can be presented in many different styles whether it’s black and white, use of a filter, saturated, blur, etc. Sticking with one style keeps the entire site cohesive.

Same Styling
An example of same styling that keeps a site cohesive.
Mixed Image Styling
An example of mixed image styling.

3. Avoid the Overused Stock Images

Overused Stock Image
An example of overused stock imagery depicting a happy team of business colleagues applauding over white.
Another Overused Stock Photo
An example of teamwork and team spirit imagery with a multinational group of casual business people with their heads together. The bright background and styling is typical of stock photos.

4. Make It Your Own

Add your own branding or graphics to stock images. Use photomanipulation to place your product into an appropriate environmental shot or place your logo on purchased stock art. This makes the image feel a little more personal and helps highlight your brand further.

5. If You Are Selling a Product, Show the Product!

Users want to see the product you are selling in a clear, high-resolution shot. Displaying your product in a relatable way helps users connect and engage with the product. Create this emotional connection by showing the product in everyday use or in a familiar space.

Overall, keeping a balance of imagery and copy that is consistent and unique will keep users engaged and share information in a clear format. Making sure to avoid overused stock imagery will also help create a strong brand that your users can relate to and engage with. For some sites and resources for quality stock images, make sure to check out my other blog post before you get started!

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