How to Monetize YouTube Videos

YouTube recently updated the eligibility requirement for users who would like to monetize their YouTube videos. These changes were not included in our original How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel blog, so here are the updates.

YouTube Monetization Eligibility Requirement

The eligibility requirement to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program (and to therefore be able to monetize your videos) is 4,000 hours of watch time within the last 12 months AND 1,000 subscribers. Also, the program must be available in your country.

You can check your watch time and subscribers in YouTube Analytics. Sign into your YouTube account and go to

What Do I Do If I Don’t Meet the Requirement?

YouTube has a whole academy for creators to learn the ins and outs of creating a successful YouTube Channel. There are lessons and tips on getting started, creating great content, and more. Visit YouTube’s Creator Academy and the YouTube Creators YouTube channel.

Also, you can monetize your videos in other ways, like selling your products or doing sponsored videos.

What Do I Do If I Meet the Requirement but I’m Not a Partner?

There are 4 steps to joining the YouTube Partner Program:

  1. Reading and agreeing to the YPP terms
  2. Signing up for AdSense
  3. Setting monetization preferences
  4. Getting reviewed

You can apply to be a Partner here.

If you were previously a Youtube Partner, your channel will be automatically reviewed when you reach the eligibility requirement.

What Videos Can I Monetize?

Not all content is eligible for monetization. To see which videos you can monetize, visit Youtube’s Video Monetization Criteria page, What kind of content can I monetize? page, and Advertiser-friendly Content Guidelines page.

Also, as we stated in our previous Youtube Monetization blog, content you upload must follow the YouTube Terms of Service if you plan on posting any videos, whether you want to be a Partner or not.

Monetizing YouTube videos can be a fun way to supplement your regular income or, if you get good at it, could be a sustainable business on its own.

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