Make Your Mobile Site More SEO-Friendly

Having a mobile friendly website is a must, however, what most of us don’t consider is how SEO-friendly our mobile site is. SEO experts refer to the words commonly used in search as keywords. These keywords are the sole determinants of how your business is found online. With that said, an SEO strategy should be guided by the needs of your intended audience, which in many cases is different for mobile users than desktop users. Here are a few ways to make your mobile site more SEO friendly:

  1. Understand your mobile-users intent.

Think carefully about having an SEO strategy that considers mobile users’ voice search vs. traditional touch searches. For example, someone who searches by asking their phone “where is the nearest grocery store” will get different search results than if they typed “grocery store portland maine”. Keeping in mind that most mobile users’ search is determined by user location, an SEO strategy that promotes the grocery store location may rank higher than a website that doesn’t implement this strategy.

  1. Keep Meta tags within 40-60 characters and Meta descriptions within 90 characters.

Typically, SEO meta tags and meta descriptions for desktops can be longer than this. However, due to the simple fact that mobile screens are smaller than desktops, shortening those characters may help your SEO tags to appear so a user can read the whole phrase rather than just a few words. The image below is an example of how the same search result appears on an Apple iPhone 6 (left) and a full desktop screen (right).

Mobile and desktop search results compared


  1. Make sure that your local business and Google+ pages are completely set up.

This means making sure that your local listings are verified through Google and Bing with your physical address(es), hours of operations, and contact information all available for mobile searchers to view. Believe it or not Google+ is playing an important role in search rankings, so making sure your business information is updated and verified is important for having an SEO-friendly mobile site.

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