Optimizing Your Business Facebook Page

Last week we noticed that Facebook is now allowing Page owners to change their username or vanity URL. Before now, the username you chose was permanent – no ifs, ands or buts about it. This got us thinking about other important Page elements that are worth noting if you are creating a new Facebook Page – or thinking about rebranding an existing one. With any social media marketing endeavor it’s important to have a plan. So here are a few tips and guidelines to look into before you leap.

Business Category

The categories are pretty cut and dry so it’s easy to choose the logical fit for your business or organization. There is one important consideration: if you choose Local Businesses & Places the way information is displayed on your Timeline will be different (see “About” Box below). The Page category can be changed so it’s ok to experiment a little with this setting.

Page name

Your name serves as major branding real estate and it’s what users will see in the newsfeed when their friends interact with your Page. This is also how users will find you within Facebook’s global search. There are some SEO implications as well. So use your business’s real name and try not to change it. If you must, do it before your page hits 100 fans. Facebook doesn’t allow Page name changes after this point – for now.

“Username” or Vanity URL

Once you have 25 fans, you are able to choose a username (www.facebook.com/username). A customized vanity URL will make it easier to direct potential fans to your page. Facebook has now made it possible to change your username, but it’s best to pick one and stick with it.

“About” Text Box

With the new-ish Timeline layout this is now more visible to Page visitors as it appears immediately below your profile image… unless you choose the Local Businesses & Places category. Keep it short, sweet and relevant – and finish it off with your website URL. Alternately, if you categorize your Page as a local business or place, your address, phone and hours will be displayed under your profile image and you will lose the opportunity to place a clickable URL here.

Those are the main considerations for optimizing your Page settings. As you continue to develop your Page, remember to be strategic about other areas of your Timeline like your Cover Photo and Favorites boxes. As Facebook’s marketing opportunities continue to evolve it will be interesting to see what other flexibilities they choose to open up to Pages.

Are there any changes you’re hoping for?

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