What does social media have to do with me?

The rapidly changing terrain of the Internet has its peaks and its lows, its fads and its one-hit wonders. Yet, as the role that this medium plays in our society changes on an almost daily basis, the newest relationship to technology rocked the boat enough for Time Magazine to name us people of the year… Read more »

Where do we go from here?

Or, is Google going to rule the world or fall to the next big thing? Of course, if I had any idea what the answer was to this question I’d be making my living as a fortune-teller and not an SEO/SEM professional. Yet, posing questions about the future of emerging technology is essential to keeping… Read more »

Chasing the long tail

The concept of the ‘long tail’ (a term popularized by Chris Anderson in a Wired article in 2004) is becoming almost a buzzword, and everyone wants to know how their site is taking advantage of the long tail, as if it was a new technology or search engine algorithm. Demystifying this simple concept is extraordinarily… Read more »

Google can’t index your intentions

“Google can’t index your intentions” – this, or something very similar to this, was said today by a co-worker and started me thinking about all the sites I’ve run across on the Internet (or had friends ask me to critique) which clearly have lofty aims but fall short of the mark. How do so many… Read more »