Post PubCon Videos — Matt Cutts on SEO

One nice thing that always follows major conferences is the AV brought home by the different companies in attendance. While you can never recreate the exact feel of being somewhere, often it’s the conversations that are the most valuable and exclusive, hands-on interaction with some of the biggest people involved with the search world. Matt Cutts, as the champion of open-Googleness, posted a bunch of audio-video featuring him throughout the conference. While I can appreciate him clearing up issues about sub-directories and subdomains (also talked about today in the Natural Search Blog), one thing I think is a great primer on this whole search marketing thing is his SEO tips for small business owners recorded by

Now video is not a good quick reference, but sometimes it’s great to have someone just explaining something in natural language (provided you at least have a basic understanding of robots, URLs, keywords, etc.). In a surprisingly information-packed ten minutes, Cutts touches on the founding principles of SEO (good user-focused content, crawlable navigation and keywords) as well as touching on local search, sitemaps, and video.

A worthy use of a few minutes, whether you’re being floored by these shocking truths or pleasantly reminded that you’re doing things the right way.

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