WordPress 5.4 Update

On March 31, 2020, WordPress 5.4 “Adderley” was released, named “Adderley” in honor of American jazz trumpeter Nat Adderley. With this minor release comes some much-anticipated updates.

WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor Improvements

New and Better Blocks

Two new blocks have been added to the editor: Social Icons and Buttons blocks. These additions have been highly requested and make adding interactive features to your site fast and simple.

  • The Social Icons block allows you to quickly add and customize social links to help users share your content or become a subscriber, improving the reach of your content.
  • The Buttons block enables you to create a quick call to action and funnel your customers through your site’s user interface.

Better Color Picker UI

Improvements have been made to allow Gradients in the Buttons and Cover block. There are now color options in the Group and Columns blocks, as well as toolbar access to color options in Rich Text blocks, letting you now color just parts of the text.

Other Notable Improvements

  • Welcome guide modal to help introduce the editor
  • Tools for adding featured images in the Latest Posts block
  • Easier navigation in the block breadcrumbs
  • Easier multi-block selection
  • Support for changing an image’s title attribute within the Image block

Privacy and Compliance Improvements

With the growing concerns of privacy issues and regulatory compliance around the world, WordPress has been making more improvements to the way it handles user’s personal data. WordPress 4.9.6 saw the addition of being able to remove and export personal data associated with an email address from your site, and they have improved upon this process with the following updates.

  • Personal Data Export now includes Session Tokens, Community Events Location, and Custom User Meta
  • Personal Data Exports now include a JSON file and a Table of Contents
  • Visual Improvements to the Privacy Tools tables
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