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The Gamble of Doubling Down on Social Media


      This article from Business Insider talks about how Proctor & Gamble is struggling to meet its marketing goals after the CEO made an announcement that they were going ‘all-in’ on social media. In a recent interview, P&G’s CEO is now saying they are instead going to increase their paid search budget and… Read more »

Facebook’s New News Feed: What Does it Mean for Users – and Marketers?


Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that Facebook announced big changes for its news feed last week. As most speculated, the design changes highlight the most popular and engaging content on Facebook: images. All of the visual content you see in your news feed will be bigger and better. For marketers, this means… Read more »

A Simple Guide to Facebook’s Different Ad Types


If you’ve seen Facebook evolve over the years, you’ve watched as different ad formats have been added to the mix. More recently, we’ve seen options become available within the news feed itself and in the mobile app. The (newish) Promoted Post option drew quite a bit of controversy when it was introduced around the same… Read more »