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8 Tips for Video SEO and Your Video Marketing Strategy


Videos are becoming more and more important on the internet as more users gain access to faster internet connections. It is because of this that businesses need to start thinking about video SEO and the strategy behind marketing video content on the internet. Videos are especially important in helping drive traffic to your website. Google… Read more »

Merge Your Google+ Profile and Your YouTube Channel


Google+ and YouTube recently announced that you can merge your business YouTube channel and your Google+ page. Once the pages are merged: Your YouTube videos will be viewable right from your Google+ page, on a separate YouTube tab You will have access to hosting live ‘On Air’ hangouts You can upload videos from YouTube and… Read more »

To Add to Your To Do List: YouTube Analytics and New Channels Design


This is an entry in our daily Internet Marketing Advent Calendar series. Each day your favorite marketing elves will focus on a new topic to get your internet marketing in order before the start of the new year. As we approach the end of the year, it is a good time to be making big… Read more »