Common AdWords Callout Extensions

Looking at common examples of what other advertisers are using for AdWords callout extensions can be helpful for developing ideas for callouts of your own. Looking at common callouts is particularly useful if you are struggling to write your first set of callouts and are still trying to understand exactly what callouts are. If you… Read more »

Optimizing eCommerce Product Pages

There are several elements that make up a well-optimized E-commerce product page. These elements can help create a compelling shopping experience for the consumer and can also lead to increased conversions. Use Unique Product Descriptions A unique product description entices future customers, differentiates you from dealers of similar products, and provides some critical SEO benefits.… Read more »

WordCamp Maine Wrap-up

For the last few months, my colleague RC Lations, myself, and some of our friends at Automattic have been preparing for WordCamp Maine’s second annual event at the Maine College of Art. After months of planning, the conference has come and gone leaving behind some good memories and lots of new knowledge about WordPress. In case you… Read more »