SEO for YouTube – 2019 Guide

According to Alexa traffic ratings, YouTube is the second most-visited site on the web, right after Google—so how come no one watches my YouTube videos? There are quite a few factors to convince YouTube that your material is top notch: Quantity of comments Length of video (the average YouTube video on the front page is… Read more »

New Podcast Visibility in Google SERPs

Announced at Google I/O and launched shortly after, Google search results are now displaying podcasts that can be played directly from the search engine results page (SERPs). With this feature, popular podcast platforms may begin to feel the effects of SEO. Will this new development become a battle between major podcast hosting platforms (Apple, Spotify,… Read more »

A/B (Split) vs. Multivariate Testing

Landing page design takes into account many elements including layout, text, images, color, calls to action and more. How do you know which style or placement works better for increasing engagement, and ultimately, conversion rates? Testing – either A/B (split) or multivariate. But what’s the difference? A/B (Split) A/B testing (also known as split testing)… Read more »