WooCommerce Brings Product Blocks to the Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg WordPress editor, released in December 2018, revolutionized how users create appealing web content with a new interface standard and without the need for third-party plugins. The release brought many helpful blocks for the easy embedding of YouTube, layouts with columns, content like headings, and media including images and galleries. However, embedding WooCommerce products… Read more »

Top Tricks & Tips for Instagram Advertising Success

Instagram has quickly evolved into one of the top marketing channels for businesses. Not only does Instagram have a massive amount of active accounts, but engagement rates on Instagram are what marketers dream about. The reason is that visual media is becoming a more effective strategy for engaging audiences and it’s what Instagram does best.… Read more »

How to Do Keyword Research in 2019

Keyword research can seem daunting – it impacts every other SEO task that you perform. We know we need a list of words for people to find us, but how do we know which ones? What is keyword research? Keyword research is the process of defining words and phrases that people use in search engines.… Read more »