Marketing & Technology Predictions for 2021

It’s time for our annual marketing and technology predictions for the upcoming year! We have ideas about video advertising, privacy regulations, personalization, and more, so read on, because some of these predictions may just come true!

Digital Marketing Predictions

Ads will need to become more targeted, on an almost individual level, to be more effective, which will butt up against privacy regulations.

– Tim Howe, Lead WordPress Developer

Personalized short-form videos will be crucial to engage the younger generation.

– Will Bouchard, Paid Search Marketer

Short-form video will continue to dominate and Instagram Reels will become ad-supported.

– Olivia Nishi, SEO Specialist

There will be an increased focus on values-based messaging, such as emphasizing environmental friendliness or pandemic safety.

– Ryan Brooks, WordPress Developer

eCommerce will be the name of the game, and companies will get creative across all industries to find ways to bring more of their business online, even if they aren’t an eCommerce company.

– Ben Stallman, Client Account Representative

Influencers/Brand Ambassadors will continue to grow as the generation growing up with them start to have real disposable income.

– Tim Suellentrop, WordPress Developer

Personalization will become more important than ever with the pandemic forcing consumers to do more of their shopping online. First party data will be the priority as the cookieless future becomes reality.

– Kerry Corcoran, Digital Marketer

Greater focus on social media — especially video.

– Jessica Lavoie, User Experience Developer

Technology and Internet Predictions

The migration to online solutions will solidify even after the pandemic recedes, as many discover working online saves time, money, and benefits the environment with less commuting.

– Joe Moody, Junior WordPress Developer

5G internet will become the standard.

– Will Bouchard, Paid Search Marketer

As more people start or continue to work from home due to the pandemic, digital privacy and security will become a bigger issue than ever before. Also, as more stores start turning to eCommerce due to the pandemic, the need for ADA compliance becomes more evident.

– Brian Chu, WordPress Developer

Foldable phones will finally be ready and will be the next big thing thanks to their compact size and usable full touch screen.

– Jonas Levasseur, Vice President of Operations

Privacy and personal data will be at the forefront. With countries having so many differing levels of privacy, trying to bring more countries in concert with each other will be big, since 2020 has put people on edge about everything these days.

– Ben Stallman, Client Account Representative

Improvements to virtual meeting technology as it becomes the primary way to meet with others.

– Matt Harrison, Vice President of Technology

Mobile traffic will increase by 15%.

– Jessica Lavoie, User Experience Developer

General 2021 Predictions

The world will end up like a Kevin Costner movie, the real question is which one: Water World, The Post Man, or Fields of Dreams? The safe bet will be to buy a floating tractor.

– Tim Howe, Lead WordPress Developer

Aliens. After this year, it just seems like the next logical step.

– Anna Pillsbury, Administrative Assistant

World economies will see a boost as a vaccine for COVID-19 becomes widely available, including off-line industries like restaurants, concert venues, and other sectors suppressed in 2020. If things go well enough, it could be like the 80s again… “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.”

– Joe Moody, Junior WordPress Developer

More incredible collaborations from KFC such as this and this.

– Olivia Nishi, SEO Specialist

It will be better than 2020.

– Matt Harrison, Vice President of Technology

Do you agree with any of our predictions? What do you think the new year will bring? To stay on top of the digital trends of 2021, sign up for our blog. Here’s to a safe and success-filled new year!

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