Why You Should be Using Native Advertising

Do you get sick of seeing the same type of traditional display ads to the point that you don’t even pay attention to them anymore? I know I do. Consumers have become so accustomed to seeing these types of advertisements every day that they have learned to ignore them or even pay extra subscription costs, so they won’t be disrupted by advertisements as you see with companies like Spotify and Pandora. That’s why brands need to shift more of their focus to native advertising.

What is Native Advertising?

If you don’t know what native advertising is or looks like chances are you have probably seen and clicked on a native ad without even knowing because they don’t even look like ads. The words that come to my mind when talking about native ads are subtle, smooth, and effective. Native advertising is paid advertising where ads look, feel, and flow with the content of the media on which they appear. They can be found all over, from social media channels to top of the line publisher sites like CNN, ESPN, and your favorite editorial post.

native advertising example image

Why does Native Advertising Work?

The key to native advertising success is that the ads mimic the functionality of the content, compared to traditional display and banner ads that look and feel disruptive. That’s why people are more likely to view and engage in this type of advertising, therefore, improving click-through rates and engagement if done right. They give brands more control and the ability to place and create content that will connect with their target audience.

Native advertising gives a fresh approach for brands to get their message across with a better chance that ads will be absorbed. When done correctly, native ads won’t try and sell you on a product or service. They are intended to sell you on an idea that sparks emotions and interest, and entertains. Basically, brands have the ability to create the type of content that people seek out. For example, if a native ad is placed with an article about hiking, the ad can engage the consumer even further with an image related to hiking with a headline saying “Top 5 Essentials for Hiking” that has the look and feel of another article. They are aimed to create a connection with a target audiences’ lifestyles and interests through similar and relatable content, that’s why native advertising is so effective.


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