Demand More and Get More

­The way that internet search and social media are evolving and intertwining, things look bad for slackers everywhere. Current trends encourage all business people to deliver their message on an ongoing basis. For those with a marketing campaign mentality, they will have a hard time adjusting to a world without carefully crafted added-value messaging and… Read more »

The Marketing Shift: 5 Things Every CEO Should Consider

photo credit: 96dpi Being able to effectively market in the new research oriented, conversation marketing environment of the web must be a part of every B2B organization’s marketing strategy. We all recognize the opportunities that everyone is talking about in social media marketing, but what is really going on? How do we get our heads… Read more »

Whoopee!!! I am best of breed!

Photo credit: thekennelclub Phrases like “best of breed” are very popular in business these days. I received a phone call from a very nice person who asked me today if our CMS solution was a “best of breed” solution. I asked her to explain. It turns out what she really wanted to know was if… Read more »

5 Things to look for in an Ecommerce Solution

Choosing the right eCommerce system can be a daunting task. There are so many pre-made solutions out there and they will nearly always need some modification to meet your needs and the needs of your users. No cart is the perfect fit for every business, but many can come close. Years ago, carts all looked… Read more »