We Are Santa’s Elves

This is an entry in our daily Internet Marketing Advent Calendar series. Each day your favorite marketing elves will focus on a new topic to get your internet marketing in order before the start of the new year.

We have had a lot of great internet marketing advice from our staff here at Hall this past month. Everything from online shopping, emerging technologies to e-commerce analytics, site management and top searches for 2010. I’m going to step outside of the design and marketing realm to talk about something that is a little more business fundamental.

Island of Misfit Toys
Photo Credit: The Pitch Blogs

This internet thing is a lot of hard work. Ironing out strategies and adding details that possess value isn’t a one person job. It is always important to get an outside perspective to add to the strength of a plan of action. Even when you think your ideas are polished. Teamwork and cooperation are those special ingredients to make a potential masterpiece. One of the main things that we keep in mind when delivering content to the online world is to always provide value to the reader/user. Much like Santa’s elves like to add that special flair to children’s toys! (sorta)

Our team interacts in a highly collaborative environment on a daily basis. There have been numerous instances where I would get stuck in a monotonous design repetition only to have my ideas revitalized by my fellow team members. Although we have already had an appreciation Thanksgiving post, the end of the year yields to reflection! Be appreciative of the professional minds that surround you every day. Perspective gets lost during day-by-day production… look around your offices and realize that the finely tuned business machine you operate under is constructed of carefully chosen and conditioned parts. Sounds an awful lot like Santa’s workshop right? Even Santa’s sleigh has a team of reindeer to do all of the hard work (Not just the guy with the red nose.)

Here are a few teamwork tips for you to keep in mind

  • Be appreciative – Nobody likes to feel unwanted! Give credit where credit is due and let your other team mates know how important they are to achieving success.
  • Be  accountable – If something got messed up somewhere along the way, don’t point fingers. This only creates animosity within the team dynamic and deviates from the overall goal. Take responsibility, admit your faults and provide practical solutions.
  • Pick each other up – Positive reinforcement goes a long way. Why let one bad apple spoil the bunch? Developing relationships within the team provides an understanding to how and why people do the things that they do.

I’ve been a part of a lot of different teams in my life whether it is sports, scholastic or professional and there is no better feeling than a sense of camaraderie after reaching a goal that has been the product of hard work. Here at Hall, we might feel like an Island of Misifit Toys sometimes… but we’re still a team!

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