CPA is here?

First take a look at Jason’s post to get the scoop on “Cost Per Action” advertising, the paid advertising model that is causing ripples in the search industry (thanks, Google), then check out this site, where they have screen shots of a beta version of the product. Of course, it doesn’t do much more than… Read more »

CPA is coming! CPA is coming!

Thanks to our friends at 5 Star Affiliates, as well as the folks at the Inside Adwords blog, we now know that Google is now officially starting the beta testing phase of their new CPA (cost per action) pricing model. Rumored to be in the works since last June, this development has the potential to… Read more »

Writing for the Link Builders

While the article I shared last Friday was all about the nitty gritty of growing links, this SEOmoz Article is all about targeting content that is meant to be linked to — or targeting the “linkerati,” as they are dubbed. Using some hiliariously illustrated examples of the Googlebot and HotBot monster, Rand discusses the difference… Read more »

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Linking

One of the simultaneously most important and most frustrating aspect of internet marketing is courting inbound links. Due to the emphasis that search engines place on in-linking, even the most basic SEO efforts should involve some sort of link building strategy. Yet, what’s the best way to go about it? How much are certain links… Read more »