Why SEO Starts with the Title

Friday’s SEO tips day, and I realize that I never really started with the basics here. So, at the risk of alienating the quick-studies, I’m going to touch on what’s widely agreed as the most important on-page element to a web site’s search engine optimization — the Title tag. If you’re like most people, you… Read more »

What You Should Know About Google and Privacy

Chances are, even if you’re not a regular blogosphere reader you heard about the recent scathing privacy review given to Google in a report issued by Privacy International. The report evaluated 24 of the most popular web companies — from Amazon and Apple to Skype, LinkedIn and Google — and gave Google alone the crushing… Read more »

Why Should I Care About Local Search?

Whenever you’re searching for something local in Maine, you’re sitting far off on the long tail of things. From pet stores to restaurants to barber shops, most times I’ve tried to find a local company on the web I find it nothing short of a miracle if I find anything at all, let alone the… Read more »

Ask.com Morphs — But Does it Make a Difference?

We already know that Google dominates search, with a whopping 48.3% of market share that just continues growing, leaving competitors throwing caution to the wind in bold moves to differentiate themselves and cull in more traffic. Almost forgotten at the bottom of the pack is Ask.com, who today launches multiple paned aggregated search results pages… Read more »