Google and Yahoo Turf Wars Heat Up

Well, it’s no news that Yahoo, among others, is fighting for its life against the megalithic efforts of Google. The ink just dried on Google’s $3 billion buy of the Doubleclick ad network and they’ve officially announced a Powerpoint-clone program to join their already beefy hosted office software suite. They’re being innovative and aggressive enough… Read more »

Google Continues to Get Local with Voice-Based Service

Clickz News reports of Google’s new experimental service offering 411-type information by calling 1-800-GOOG-411. This service is free and intermittent at the moment, but shows Google’s growing effort to penetrate offline media. Google’s also been up to a variety of other things, such as buying ads on radio stations and of course, their acquisition of… Read more »

To Blog or not to Blog?

Today I ran across two compelling, albeit slightly contradictory, articles. One is “Why you Should Blog” by Rand at SEOMoz, and the other is “Would you read your own blog?” by Ahmed Bileal at Search Engine Journal. Rand’s article is a great survey of the solid reasons to get into blogging (and many of the… Read more »

Back to the basics: Meta Tags

With so much forward momentum in the world of search, it’s not long before what was an essential practice yesterday becomes a penalty today. To further complicate things, search engine companies are notoriously elusive when discussing the particulars of their ranking mechanisms, so even the most savvy developers still ask questions about the basic principles… Read more »