Off to Florida!

Well, our bags are packed, the signage and t-shirts are in, and Hall Web Services ambassadors Tom and I leave gorgeous Maine spring for humid Orlando for the Sage Software Insights trade conference. As the annual conference for Sage partners throughout the country, Insights is always an excellent opportunity to touch base with customers we… Read more »

This Week: Clash of the Titans, Power of the Mob

For anyone keeping up with tech/industry news, this week has been a non-stop bout of fascinating, possibly ground-breaking news. What does it have to do with search? Well, potentially quite a lot. First on the chopping block was talk of a potential takeover of Dow Jones (publisher of the Wall Street Journal) by Rupert Murdoch’s… Read more »

Befriending Bloggers

Though some on LiveJournal seem to think so, blogging is not a broadcast of the “me me me” channel — rather, it should be a dialogue where the lines between producer/consumer blur a little, with less emphasis on the “expert” role of the newspaper columnist, tv personality, etc. This is the charm of blogging, really,… Read more »

Finding Blogs in your Niche

In his book “On Writing,” Stephen King famously says that if “You don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time — or the tools — to write.” This is as much true for blogging as for fiction, as the blogosphere is driven by writers having awareness of what’s being talked about elsewhere. Don’t… Read more »